Ice Fishing Challenge  


1. The Tournament is scheduled for Jan 31, 2015 from 12:00 noon until 3:00 p.m. on Lake Le homme Dieu on the North side of Alexandria. No access is allowed into the fishing area prior to 8:00 a.m. on the day of the tournament (see rule #21). Parking allowed in designated areas only.

2. The Ice Fishing Challenge will not be cancelled or postponed for any reason except unsafe ice conditions.

3. Tournament prizewinners are determined by the largest weight and time registered. In the event of a tie, the first fish registered takes priority.

4. Each person will be allowed to fish one hole per ticket, two holes maximum. You may register as many fish as you want, but only the heaviest fish per contestant will be qualified for a competition prize. No contestant will be eligible for more than one competition prize. There is no age requirement on tournament participation.

5. All fish must be registered by the person that caught them. You MAY NOT give a fish to another contestant to register.

6. All fish must be brought to the Judges stand immediately after caught, and be alive. Dead or frozen fish are ineligible. Judges shall have the right to verify that the fish were legally caught. The decision of the judge is final. All prizewinners may be subjected to take a polygraph exam as part of the contest requirements. In the event deception is detected, the contestant's prize will go directly to charity.

7. Contestants are responsible for verification of the weight of the fish at the time of weigh-in. All weigh-in tickets must be certified by a tournament official.

8. All fish must be caught and the contestant must be on the way to the Judges stand by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the contest.

9. There will be a leader board located in the registration area. All efforts will be made to keep the board up to date and accurate.

10. Contestants must fish in the area designated for the contest and will be required to have their tickets visible at all times. Ticket checks, as well as container inspections will be performed.

11. Contestants will be allowed to move to other unoccupied holes in the contest area. You are allowed to bring as many poles as desired, but cannot use more than one pole per hole at a time. Contestants must use holes provided.

12. The cost of this tournament is only $35.00, post-marked entry forms by Friday, Jan 23rd, 2015. Registrations postmarked after Saturday, Jan 24th, 2015, will be at "will call" on the ice. No refunds will be given for any reason. Online sales will end at Midnight on Jan 24th, 2015.

13. All laws of the State of Minnesota will be abided by.

14. All fish caught will immediately be released back into the lake after registration

15. Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions, and property at all times.

16. Contestants must be in plain view from all sides at all times. No shelters of ANY KIND will be allowed.

17. Prizes are the responsibility of the winners. Licensing, taxes, registration, transportation, and all incidental or sequential expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participants. Any prizes not claimed within 14 days of the Ice Fishing Challenge will be forfeited.

18. All prizes subject to change without notice based on availability from our sponsors.

19. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the contest area other than contest officials and police personnel. Any contestant bringing a motor vehicle within 50 yards of the contest perimeter may be disqualified. Handicap access is available.

20. Contestants are required to park in the areas provided. Watch for signs directing you to the parking area. Contestants are encouraged to car pool and use the buddy system. Shuttles begin at 7:30 a.m.

21. Coolers and large containers are discouraged. No spears allowed. Heaters, chairs, bait pails, and depth finders are allowed. No bait or licenses will be sold on the lake. Small chisels are recommended as holes are drilled the day before. The use of augers is not allowed. Weighted lines without hooks can be used to check depth prior to 11:45 a.m.

22. Anyone pre-fishing within 24 hours prior to the day of the contest must register with contest officials at the public access.

23. A contestant may reserve no more than 4 holes no earlier than 8 A.M.

24. Failure to comply with any of the contest rules subjects the contestants to disqualification & removal from the competition site, as determined by contest officials. Right to refuse or revoke a competition ticket to anyone is hereby reserved.

25. Members directly involved with the contest on the tournament day are not eligible for contest prizes.

26. All contestants and others hereby consent to the use of any photographs or likeness of themselves to be used in the promotion of our contest, including but not limited to print, radio, television, etc.

27. Alexandria Sertoma thank you for supporting our efforts to protect the environment and request that you remove refuse, including cigarette butts, from the ice when you leave. No glass containers allowed in the contest area and will be confiscated by, and forfeited to tournament officials. Waste containers are provided.